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Play Star996 without installing!

Star996 is a fully registered online gambling and entertainment company. All sort of casino games are been launched in the Star996 website, including the Sports,first-class Casino, Games, Poker and Bingo rooms. Star996 is our only casino that allows you to bet online, without installation of application is needed.

 For sports and financials betting, we are licensed and regulated by the Gaming Associates (GA). Our Casino, Games, Poker and Bingo operations are licensed and regulated by the government of Philippines.

 Here of the Company, we operate a simple one-wallet system, where you are allowed to use the token in your wallet for all the games in Star996 just by signing in to your existing Star996 game ID. If you have not signed up for the Star996 account, you can sign up and register with our customer service. Click the link below to contact our customer service.

click here ----> to play Star996 Online 


click here ----> to register via customer service